When our mobile doesn’t respond or malfunctions or get damaged accidentally, we become upset and keep asking our friends where should we go to repair it. Thanks to those Samsung galaxy repairs centers in Newcastle who provide us quick and low cost service and make our mobile life again. But, in most of the cases we don’t need to go to the service center – we can solve the issue at home. Just follow the guides.

Screen Not Responding

“Heck! My mobile screen is not responding to my touch!” A common issue with most of the Samsung mobiles. While there can be several reasons, mostly it is nothing but an endless heavy loop of the background processes that stuck all other operations. So, what to do? Simply turn off the mobile; take out the battery; and reinsert the batter after a couple of minutes; and restart the mobile. May be your problem is solved.

The Screen Is Malfunctioning

You are trying to scroll down a web page in the mobile browser or playing a game and the mobile isn’t responding properly as per your touch. Well, again it can be a hardware issue; but the same thing can happen if you have a wet finger, or you have spilled a drop of coffee on the screen or the humidity is very high. So, just take out a piece of tissue paper and wipe your screen as well as your finger and might be your problem is solved.

Battery Is Draining Quickly

Well, battery is a part of mobile that depreciates fastest than the other parts. So, it is very necessary to charge it till it become full using the charger provided with the mobile, says iPhone glass replacement specialist in Newcastle. Also uninstall or turn off the screensaver and other background apps from your mobile.


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